We are now open for our regular hours!
We have been listening to the latest recommendations from the CDC and from Maine State Library, as well as other public libraries, and – we are opening back up for our usual hours, as of June 2nd! We are grateful for your patience and cooperation, our patrons are wonderful about paying attention to how to keep each other safe throughout this pandemic. Here is our current information about hours and safety:

*Our hours are now back to: Monday 3-6PM, Wednesday 9AM-Noon and then 3-7PM, Saturdays 10AM-3PM.

*There will be no more “tickets” (sticky notes) on the door, so you are welcome to come inside. We will not limit the number of people entering the building, and we will not require signing in at this point. You can return your books to the book bin at our counter, instead of having to leave them outside in the green book deposit.

*We will still require mask wearing for everyone, regardless of vaccination status, as a precaution. There are still people who have not been able to get vaccinated yet for various reasons, and we want the library to be a place where everyone can come and feel safe. We also hope to protect our youngest patrons, as children have not been approved for vaccination yet. Please help protect all of our wonderful community members by wearing your mask in the library at all times.

*We will still provide curbside service, just call us or send us an email, and we will put together your order.

Our plans may change and evolve as we move through the summer, but for now our focus is on seeing you! Please come on in!

An Announcement from the Town Aging in Place Committee:

The Aging in Place Committee of the Town of Mount Vernon is looking to contract with a social worker on a very part-time basis (8 hours a month).
For details about this opportunity, take a look at the job description (below).  If interested, call Tom Ward at 293-1016.

Town of Mount Vernon Aging in Place Committee

Social Worker Consultant Job Description


The Town of Mt Vernon will contract with a social worker on a part-time basis in order to provide educational and consultative support to a group of volunteer outreach workers as well as town officials. The contract will involve case reviews conducted once a month, educational and training sessions on an as needed basis, and ad hoc consultation and advice about specific problems triaged by a subcommittee of the town’s Aging in Place Committee (the Case Triage Subcommittee).

The Town’s Aging in Place Committee has established a group of roughly 15-20 volunteers who call and/or visit (when COVID safe to do so) locally-identified at-risk, elderly, low-income or otherwise vulnerable residents of the towns of Mt Vernon and Vienna to check on their well-being and needs. Volunteers have already had some group orientation to this job and begun their calling. However, we anticipate they will encounter cases with social service needs for which specialized help will be needed.

Likewise, such cases may arise with the Mount Vernon Rescue Service, the Mount Vernon Select Board, the Town of Mount Vernon Code Enforcement Officer and the Health Officer for the Towns of Mount Vernon and Vienna as well local volunteer programs such as the Mount Vernon Food Bank and Neighbors Driving Neighbors.

Contracted support in the form of case reviews, educational sessions for volunteers as well as input on specific social service problem cases will be requested by the Case Triage Subcommittee. That Subcommittee consists of the Town’s Public Health Officer, the Rescue Service Director, a low-income community representative, and the Chair of the Aging in Place Committee. The Committee Chair chairs the Subcommittee.

Initial funding has been provided to the Town of Mount Vernon by a grant from the Maine Community Foundation, in the amount of $1,600 with a 50% local fund-raising match. It is anticipated that the program will continue beyond that the first 9 months by successful application for more foundation grants and local fund-raising as well as the possible additional participation of one or more nearby Towns.

This outreach is intended to identify and help those with needs before crises escalate and require involvement of many town services. It is hoped that the social worker’s support will allow earlier repair and possible prevention of worse outcomes. Interventions may address suffering, morbidity, mortality and other problems and thereby allow local citizens to lead more healthy, safer lives as well as help our citizens age in place and to prevent the loss of local talent and historical memory from our towns.


  • Compassion and empathy for the elderly, disabled and socio-economically disadvantaged
  • Confidentiality maintenance skills
  • Demonstrated skills in educating volunteer or other groups about resource access
  • Flexible schedule
  • Licensure as a social worker in Maine and related professional credentials
  • Practical common sense
  • Working experience with the elderly and disabled


  • Conduct monthly 1 hour case reviews, virtually or in person as arranged by Case Triage Subcommittees
  • Provide up to 2 hours per month individual case discussion, follow-up and presentations as requested by Case Triage Subcommittee, with reports at mutually arranged times between contractor and the subcommittee
  • Remaining 5-7 hours per month (up to the contractual upper limit of 8 hours a month) in support to town officials and volunteer groups
  • Serve as liaison with regional medical and social service agencies such as the Belgrade Regional Health Center and Spectrum Generations at the Cohen Center


The monthly contractual payment without benefits will be $25 per hour, up to 8 hours per month. The hours, hourly rate and other details of compensation will be reassessed at 6 months.


The initial term of the contract is 9 months, beginning July 1, 2021.


The Triage Subcommittee and the Town Treasurer will conduct a confidential evaluation of contractor performance against this job description after the first 6 months. It will include a self-evaluation by the contractor. Afterwards the Subcommittee will consider any reasonable revisions of this job description, and report its findings to the Chair of the Mount Vernon Select Board as well as the contractor. Similar reviews will be conducted annually thereafter. Decision on whether to extend the contract for another period of time will rest with the Select Board.


A message from our trustees:

The trustees and staff of the Dr. Shaw Memorial Library are saddened by the passing of our dear friend and associate George Smith. George participated in every aspect of our library experience for thirty-five years, and served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the past twenty-five years. George was primarily responsible for raising the funds with which we were able to construct our new addition as well as many other improvements.
It is our goal to create a special memorial as an expression of gratitude for all that was accomplished with his help. In the spring we are planning to create a beautiful and relaxing outdoor space at the library for the enjoyment of everyone. Specific plans for this will emerge in the months ahead.  Should you wish to make a donation in George’s memory for this effort, please make checks payable to The Dr. Shaw Memorial Library, and note “George Smith” on the memo line. Donations may be left at the library during open hours, or sent to: The Dr. Shaw Memorial Library, 35 Demariano Rd., Mount Vernon ME 04352.

With our local students beginning Remote Learning soon, they may need access to the internet to see their assignments.  Our Wifi is always on, and even though we aren’t currently open, you can access it while sitting in your car in either our lower or upper parking lots (or, as the weather improves, from George’s Porch). 

Online Resources that might help during social distancing have been moved to the Research tab along the top of this page.  Hover your cursor over that tab and select “Links to research sites” by clicking on it.

Visit our Facebook Page:  We are currently putting some links onto our Facebook page with fun or educational activities for children or families.  Also, you can check one of the Little Libraries around town for possible reading material.  If you need access to wifi, ours is on at all times, and you can sit in your car in our parking area, or you can sit on George’s Porch near the main entrance, and access our guest account.  If you are a patron of our library, you can also go to the Maine State Library website and sign up for their Cloudlibrary, which has many ebooks and audios to lend.  Use your four-digit patron number at the top corner of your library card as your ID for that resource.

Some groups that meet regularly at the library:

Book Group meets on the 3rd Monday of each month, from 2-3pm. For information, please contact Bernadette Gleichenhaus at 293-2912.

The Yarn Coop meets on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month, from 1-3 at the library.  Bring a project to work on, share supplies, and you can learn as you grow.  Contact Amy Jajliardo for information:  jilrdomom@gmail.com, 685-0201.

The new writers group (right now we are calling it Writers of the Metroplex, till someone comes up with a better name) meets intermittently, usually once a month on Wednesday afternoons at 3:15. We usually post the upcoming meeting on the Dr. Shaw Memorial Library Facebook page. Come join us, bring a brief piece of writing, and introduce yourself, we’ll be glad to share our own efforts and ideas with you.

The Dr. Shaw Memorial Library is located at 344 Pond Rd (Rt. 41),

                                              (Mailing address:  35 Demariano Rd.)

Mount Vernon, ME 04352

Library Hours

             Monday, 3-6PM, Wednesdays 9-Noon and 3-7PM, and Saturdays 10-3PM.

The library usually closes on days school is called off due to wintry weather. Please call ahead on those days as we may open up if the weather improves.  We also close at 5 pm on Nov 23 and Dec 24 and are closed on Memorial Day and July 4, and Christmas and Thanksgiving . Otherwise you’ll find us there!


Telephone – 207-293-2565

Email – DrShaw@shaw.lib.me.us

Mailing address -35 DeMariano Rd. Mt. Vernon, ME 04352