Friends of the Library

 You Can Help

There are a number of people who assist the library in multiple ways. This ranges from volunteering on a regular basis, to taking out trash, to fixing a broken door knob, or being on a list to call for special projects. There is a treasurer for this informal group, as some of the projects such as our annual book sale and food sale raise money.  Money from the Friends account is used to pay for online services, such as our subscription to the down- loadable ebook program through the Maine State Library as well as the subscription to our online catalog, Library World. The Friends donated money to the expansion project as well as money towards replacing windows for improved energy efficiency.  Funds are used to supplement and enrich ongoing services and needs as they arise.

How to give to the Dr. Shaw Memorial Library

The Dr. Shaw Memorial Library is grateful for gifts of any type.  Gifts and donations can be made to the library in a number of ways.  You can donate to us through the annual appeal, and that supports ongoing library operations.  Our annual appeal occurs during late fall, and all donations are added to our account overseen by the Trustees of the Dr. Shaw Memorial Library. You can also donate to our Endowment Fund, which provides for the future of our library.  Donations are also appreciated for specific purposes or programs.  We can also accept the gift of objects or materials as additions to the library collection or facility.

Monetary gifts:  Gifts of cash, checks, bequests, annuities, or stocks and bonds given by donors, estates, corporations, or foundations are gratefully accepted.  Unless clearly noted otherwise by the donor, monetary gifts will be considered unrestricted and will be deposited into our annual appeal fund with the Friends of the Dr. Shaw Memorial Library, or will be applied to programs, materials, or projects deemed vital to the operation of the library.  We will acknowledge receipt of donations as soon as possible.

Restricted monetary gifts: Restricted gifts are monetary gifts given with specific purposes, as directed by the donor.  Prescribed purposes must be consistent with the mission of the library.  Donations to support one-time material purchases will not replace regular library expenditures and will not be used to replace activities already funded.

Memorial or honorary gifts: The library is honored to share in the legacy of friends and relatives of library patrons.  When we receive a gift in memory or honor of an individual, library staff will notify the next of kind, or the individual being honored by the gift.

If a memorial gift is not restricted by the donor, the library will use it for a specific fund or purpose designated by the library board of trustees and staff. Donations may be made to that fund at any time.