Story time

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”— Dr. Seuss, “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!”

Treats and Crafts-5 pm-6pm at the library Halloween Night

A  Toddler Group meets weekly during the school calendar year from 9:30 am-11:00am at the Mt. Vernon Community Center.  Stories, crafts, snacks and playtime comprise a fun time when children (ages 6 months to 5 years), parents and grandparents can gather.  For more information or to help with this group, call Renee at 293-2478.

STORY TIME at the Tree Lighting at the Mt. Vernon Community Center, followed by a craft. Story begins at 6:30. Tree Lighting at 7:00 pm and then Santa arrives!


The Dr. Shaw Memorial Library invites you to join this year’s summer reading program and participate in our Wednesday afternoon (4pm-5+pm) hands on stories and activities during July. Set your own reading goal and receive a  prize once that goal is met. All you need to do is record your reading. A free ticket to a Sea Dogs game, a Build a Better World transfer to color and iron on a T- shirt, and a pencil and book mark will be handed out to the first 20 who sign up.  Sign-ups will start on June 21. A prize will also be given to all those who come to the library with their transfer on their T-shirts!

We welcome everyone to our Wednesday activity programs. Older readers coming to help younger readers are always appreciated!  Refreshments are served at each program.

Wed. July 5–Learn about the layers in a tropical rain forest and Build your own rainforest in a box!  This art project will be a hands on use of an assortment of materials.

Wed. July 12–Learn about a variety of common woodworking tools, and then make your own boat or structure using nails, screws, sandpaper, washers, hand drill, glue and a variety or other materials –explore and create!  Parents are encouraged to stay and assist with this hands on activity.

Wed. July 19—Some local teens (Claire and Kusha) will prepare and present an interactive puppet play of The Three Little Pigs. Children may then build a house using manipulative toys and also make and take their own cardboard house.

Wed. July 24–Alice and Linda will assist children in two art projects–a dried flower collage which will make a lovely framed souvenir and a skyline nightscape.  We’ll try to find just the right accompanying story!





A Summer Reading Program is held each year and runs 5-6 weeks from the end of June to early August.  Weekly events include visits from local people, stories, crafts, experiments, cooking, music or physical activities.  Each year there is a theme, and activities are chosen around that theme.  Children are encouraged to determine their own reading goal for the summer, and are rewarded with prizes as they reach milestones along the way.  They are given such things as bookmarks, pencils and ice cream certificates just for signing up. This year’s summer reading program them is Ready, Get Set, Read!

Preregistration is not required to attend any or all of the summer programs.  Signing up to read is independent of coming to the programs. But participation is free and welcomed!