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November 2017-Work on the addition has begun!  All materials have found other shelving in various rooms in the library. We are a bit crowded, but delighted to stay put!  Entrance is sketchy on the upper level. We often need to block off the upper entrance while men are at work. Please handle the steps leading up to the porch carefully. Feel free to take home bags of books and renew by phone as the colder icier weather is upon us.  We often close on days that school is closed, so please call ahead if in doubt.

September 2017-Update on Expansion Plans

Dr. Shaw Memorial Library Expansion Report

From George Smith, September 7, 2017

Finally, the expansion of our town library is set to begin! Thank you for your donation, and your patience while we worked through the many issues and challenges. We ran into a few roadblocks, but have cleared them away, thanks to the good work of Trustee Fred Webber and Andy Dube, who recently stepped up to prepare final drawings.

We had some vigorous debates about key parts of the project, including whether to build a one story or two story structure, but we are all in agreement now, and Fred and Andy are working on the final technical issues that must be resolved. The project has received a go ahead from the state fire marshall’s office, which was not easy to obtain.

While we were working on final plans, we did remove the trees which had to go, and spent quite a bit of time discussing options for the septic tank and leach field. The really good news is that we will be able to leave them in place, saving us quite a bit of money.

We expect a foundation to be laid in the next month or so, and the outside structure to follow soon after. Then they will be able to work on the interior through the winter, as long as necessary. We expect to invite you to a wonderful dedication of the addition next spring.

And here’s more good news. We have been able to plan the work so that the library will not have to close or move, a great relief to us all.

Fred will gather bids for each project, and has also volunteered to serve as our general contractor, saving us a lot of money.

We are very excited about finally getting started on construction, and hope you are too. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. I will keep you posted as work progresses. Thanks!

georgesmithmaine@gmail.com, 207-293-2661

February 2017-Update on Expansion Plans

We are making great progress in our exciting project to build an addition to our library, and thank all who are making this possible. We received $101,438 from library patrons, $148,500 in grants, $50,000 from townspeople in the 2017 town budget, and will be able to use $75,000 from the Dr. Shaw investment fund if we need to, for a total of $374,938.

While we had hoped to begin construction last fall, we opted to wait until 2017 to give us time to work on a few changes to the plan which will give us a larger addition. We are nearing completion of the new plans, which will both save us money and give us much more space.

We have had the property surveyed, and removed a few trees in the area where the addition will be constructed.

Library trustee Fred Webber, who is very experienced with construction projects (particularly with older homes), has stepped up to serve as the supervisor of construction, saving us the cost of hiring a general contractor. Fred is in the process of gathering bids for various parts of the project, and expects to begin work in the spring and to complete construction by fall.

With the changes we’ve made to the plan and process, we believe we will not have to move the library to a different location in town during construction of the addition, which will be a big help to both our staff and our patrons.


George Smith, Chair of the Library Trustees

207-293-2661, georgesmithmaine@gmail.com



December 2016Update

The expansion hasn’t begun but that does’t mean that the project has been idle!   Land behind the building was surveyed, trees were cut down, the septic system was checked, and the bidding process is underway. It is necessary to get the State Fire Marshall’s approval before moving ahead and that is currently underway. Meanwhile, the interior  design for the expansion has made some modifications with thoughts of keeping the ceiling levels intact so as to utilize some upstairs space. Keeping the bathroom in the current location, while making it more handicapped accessible is another change. Nothing is yet set in stone as staff and trustees continue to ponder what will  ultimately give us the extra needed desired space and then having the approval to move ahead. This should all happen in 2017!

August 2016–Dr. Shaw Memorial Library Expansion

We made it! I am so very pleased to tell you that we have reached our goal and now have $335,496 available for our exciting library expansion and renovation project. Before I get to the details, I want to recognize and thank our volunteers and staff, trustees and select board, and the wonderful people – both year-round and summer residents – who have generously and enthusiastically supported this project, and who make Mount Vernon and Vienna such a special place.

We received $101,438 in generous donations from patrons and supporters, and $148,500 in grants. An additional $7,800 in grants will be received in the next two years. And the good people of Mount Vernon, at June’s town meeting, appropriated $50,000 for the project, our contingency fund to be used only if it is needed. Finally, we will be able to use $75,000 from the Dr. Shaw Memorial Fund, representing much of the growth in that fund since Dr. Shaw left us his home and a small amount of money to establish our library.

As the donations were received, I marveled at the generosity of our supporters, and enjoyed the many notes expressing excitement for this project. Yes, it is exciting! We truly appreciated every single donation, including the very generous party that Gerhard Von Havenschild hosted at his beautiful lakeside home, which raised over $11,000.

We’re also grateful for the grants received from the following:

$50,000 Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation

$50,000 Windover Foundation

$25,000 Davis Family Foundation

$10,500 Kennebec Savings Bank

$8,000                   Maine Humanities Council

$4,000                   Maine Community Foundation

$1,000                   Plum Creek Foundation

We anticipate beginning construction sometime this fall. Library Trustee Fred Webber has stepped up to take charge of that process, and is currently seeking bids for all aspects of the project. We received a promise from Hammond Lumber to provide all the needed construction supplies at their cost, which will save us a great deal of money.

The expansion was estimated by architect Jim Pelsor to cost $275,000 with a possibility that it could as much as $322,000. Jim estimated another $87,000 would be needed for improvements to the existing building including a new furnace and bathroom.

We believe the construction costs will be on the low end of the estimates, helped by the donation from Hammonds, so in addition to the new addition we anticipate being able to make at least some improvements in the existing building.

During the construction period, the library will continue to serve our communities at Mount Vernon’s Masonic Hall, and we are grateful to the Masons for allowing us to do that. We of course won’t have as many books or other materials there, but we’ll rotate books and other material in and out, and continue to serve you.

We’ll recognize all donors to this project in the new library, and I can also promise you a fabulous celebration when the expansion is completed!

From George A. Smith, Chair, Library Trustees

April 2016

The enthusiasm and generosity of our patrons and supporters has been overwhelming, and we are very grateful. As of April 6, 2016, $96,000 has been received from patrons and supporters and $98,000 in grants. Along with the $75,000 Trustees plan to use from the Dr. Shaw Investment Fund, the total amount available for the project is $259,000, of which about $30,000 has been spent, mostly for architectural services.

Within the existing annual budget, we’ve been able to schedule energy improvements this spring, including insulation and new windows. As fundraising continues, we hope to raise another $50,000 to $75,000, which will allow us to schedule the expansion project this fall. Exciting!

Growing for our Community – Where we Stand

plan 2

Proposed Floor Plan

The library has raised about $259,000 towards the future expansion project.  The exact timing of the ground breaking is yet to be determined as grant writing projects are still in process.   Meanwhile, an energy audit was performed on the main building.  Many suggestions were made that could greatly reduce the loss of heat through the part of the building which will not be affected by the expansion.  This work will be done in the near future.


Drawing of Proposed Addition

Excepts from an article June 24, 2015   – from Central Maine Newspapers staff writer Betty Adams.

“Picture an updated, fully insulated and larger Dr. Shaw Memorial Library, one that keeps all the New England farmhouse charm and provides enough room to host programs for more than a dozen people at a time, and one that is accessible to all.

The library’s board of trustees has embarked on a plan to raise $400,000, with the construction to begin in late summer or early fall of 2016.

A progress report by George Smith, who serves on the board and is heading the fundraising efforts, says $100,000 has been collected already. An invitation-only gala is one of the events planned for later this summer, and corporate donations will be sought. The library trustees have been working on the project for a year already.

Library trustee Fred Webber, who has been on the board for more than 30 years, said the $400,000 would allow significant work to be done on the existing library, including new windows and a new roof as well as adding more insulation.

“With that sum of money, we’d be the fanciest small library around,” Webber said, adding that a minimum of $300,000 would allow the expansion to move forward. Donations to the library are tax-deductible, Webber said.

The trustees have worked with architects at Bunker & Savage in Augusta and now have some completed drawings.”