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9 Responses to Ask the librarian

  1. Timothy R Dolen says:


    I’m looking for information on a particular Civil War soldier who enlisted from and died in Mt Vernon. Do you have any resources involving that sort of search?




    • malibby says:

      Sorry, just now seeing this! We will look at our local resources and see if we have anything that might help!


    • malibby says:

      I emailed you today, from our Dr. Shaw email address, with a couple of possible books to look at, and asking for information about the soldier you are looking for. I hope some of it will help.


  2. Ray Turner says:

    About 5 years ago, I visited your Library doing Genealogy Research on the Turner and Weiser families. The Librarian at the time, knew the Turner family and in particular my Grand-Aunt, Lucy Carson Turner (1893-1982), who lived a few doors away from the library. Her husband, Carleton Ellsworth Turner (1890-1956) was Town Clerk of Mount Vernon for 35+ yrs.

    The Librarian let me listen to a 45 minute interview with Lucy that she did for the Bi-centennial in 1976. I’ve been trying to get back there to make a copy of that interview, but life and Covid-19 keeps getting in the way. Would it be possible:

    1) To post the interview on the Library’s website, so I could download it?
    2) Or, to borrow the 2 tapes so I can make a copy?
    3) Or if someone could make me a digital copy?


    • malibby says:

      Hi, we will look to see what we might be able to do. We had moved a lot of our audio/media resources around while we have been renovating, and our hours are reduced during the COVID time, but we’ll see what we can do!


    • malibby says:

      I emailed you from our Dr. Shaw email address today, with some ideas.


  3. Ken Carson says:

    Good afternoon-

    My name is Ken Carson. Lucy Carson Turner was my great Aunt also. I am going to be staying in Belgrade next week on vacation. I am hoping to get a copy of the tape of her. I am specifically going up to the Mount Vernon area to explore the ancestral stomping grounds. Thanks you.


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