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New MNew Materials October 10, 2019

Bloody genius / Sandford, John,
The testaments / Atwood, Margaret
Homo deus : a brief history of tomorrow / Harari, Yuval N,
Sapiens : a brief history of humankind / Harari, Yuval N.
The institute : a novel / King, Stephen,
Naamah : a novel / Blake, Sarah
Becoming the Talbot Sisters / Linden, Rachel,
Ascension of larks / Linden, Rachel,
Bloody genius / Sandford, John,
The world that we knew / Hoffman, Alice,
The tattooist of Auschwitz : a novel / Morris, Heather,
Killer instinct / Patterson, James,
Homo deus : a brief history of tomorrow / Harari, Yuval N,
Sapiens : a brief history of humankind / Harari, Yuval N.
The institute : a novel / King, Stephen,
Naamah : a novel / Blake, Sarah
Beverly, right here / DiCamillo, Kate,
Can you hear the trees talking? : discovering the hidden life of the forest / Wohlleben, Peter,
You are my friend : the story of Mister Rogers and his neighborhood / Reid, Aimee,
A young people’s history of the United States / Stefoff, Rebecca,
Recently Added Titles – New
I survived the Hindenburg disaster, 1937 / Tarshis, Lauren,
I survived the Joplin tornado, 2011 / Tarshis, Lauren,
I Survived the Nazi Invasion,1944. Tarshis, Lauren.
The Bad Guys / Blabey, Aaron,
Max Einstein : the genius experiment / Patterson, James,


Becoming the Talbot Sisters / Linden, Rachel,
Ascension of larks / Linden, Rachel,

Wicked Nix / Coakley, Lena,
Skylark and wallcreeper / Carelli, Anne O’Brien,
Dog days of history : the incredible story of our best friends / Albee, Sarah,
I survived the the Great Molasses Flood, 1919 / Tarshis, Lauren,
I survived the battle of D-Day, 1944 / Tarshis, Lauren,
The miscalculations of Lightning Girl / McAnulty, Stacy,
The Parker inheritance / Johnson, Varian,
The eleventh trade / Hollingsworth, Alyssa,
Ra the mighty : cat detective / Greenfield, Amy Butler,
You don’t know everything, Jilly P! / Gino, Alex,

The turning / Whitman, Emily,
The length of a string / Weissman, Elissa Brent,
The prince and the dressmaker / Wang, Jen,
The cardboard kingdom /
Speechless / Schmitt, Adam P..




aterials, Sept. 23, 2019

The long island / Beckmeyer, Drew,
If I didn’t have you / Katz, Alan,
Last of the Mohicans /
Harold and Maude
Harry Houdini / Poskitt, Kjartan,


Hooray for women! / Williams, Marcia,
This was our pact / Andrews, Ryan,
The whisper man / North, Alex,
Reaching for the Moon : the autobiography of NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson. Johnson, Katherine G,
A place to land : Martin Luther King Jr. and the speech that inspired a nation / Wittenstein, Barry,
The volunteer : one man, an underground army, and the secret mission to destroy Auschwitz / Fairweather, Jack,
Middle school matters : the 10 key skills kids need to thrive in middle school and beyond–and how parents can help / Fagell, Phyllis L.,
How to give up plastic : a guide to changing the world, one plastic bottle at a time / McCallum, Will,
Bark of night / Rosenfelt, David,
Good girl, bad girl : a novel / Robotham, Michael,
The last good guy / Parker, T. Jefferson,
The last widow : a novel / Slaughter, Karin,
Old bones / Preston, Douglas J,
A stone sat still / Wenzel, Brendan,
Book of Flight : 10 Record-Breaking Animals With Wings. Balkan, Gabrielle.
A door in the earth / Waldman, Amy,
A single thread / Chevalier, Tracy,
Ecclesiastes : to everything there is a season /
Cycle City / Farrell, Alison,
Boing! : a very noisy ABC / McCanna, Tim,

New Books, Sept. 9, 2019

Dear Mrs. Bird : a novel / Pearce, A. J .
The young widower’s handbook : a novel / McAllister, Tom,
The plus one / Archer, Sarah,
The secret wisdom of nature : trees, animals, and the extraordinary balance of all living things–stories from science and observation / Wohlleben, Peter,
If I was the sunshine / Fogliano, Julie,
The enlightenment of bees / Linden, Rachel,
Spying on the South : an odyssey across the American divide / Horwitz, Tony,
The someone new / Twiss, Jill,
Things you save in a fire / Center, Katherine,
A dangerous man / Crais, Robert,
Inland : a novel / Obreht, Tâea,
This tender land : a novel / Krueger, William Kent,
Dear Justice League / Northrop, Michael,
Egg : nature’s perfect package / Jenkins, Steve,
The printed letter bookshop / Reay, Katherine,
Time after time : a novel / Grunwald, Lisa,
An American sunrise : poems / Harjo, Joy,
Sugar street / Maòhfåuòz, Najåib,
Recently Added Titles – New
The boy who fell off the Mayflower, or, John Howland’s good fortune / Lynch, Patrick James,
The garden of small beginnings / Waxman, Abbi,
The bookish life of Nina Hill / Waxman, Abbi,
The lager queen of Minnesota / Stradal, J. Ryan,
Gravity is the thing : a novel / Moriarty, Jaclyn,

New Items, July 30, 2019

Evvie Drake starts over : a novel / Holmes, Linda
The big short : inside the doomsday machine / Lewis, Michael


Rocket-Bye Baby : a Spaceflight Lullaby / Smith, Danna
Lost and wanted / Freudenberger, Nell,
The unexpected life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts : being an absolutely accurate autobiographical account of my follies, fortunes & fate written by himself / Avi,
Me, Toma and the concrete garden / Larsen, Andrew,
The girl who sailed the stars / Woods, Matilda,
Every man a hero : a memoir of D-Day, the first wave at Omaha Beach, and a world at war / Lambert, Ray
Big sky / Atkinson, Kate,
The rest of the story / Dessen, Sarah,
Midsummer’s mayhem / LaRocca, Rajani,
All the rage : mothers, fathers, and the myth of equal partnership / Lockman, Darcy,
Skin game / Woods, Stuart,
Surprise me : a novel / Kinsella, Sophie,
The last second / Coulter, Catherine,
The seventh most important thing / Pearsall, Shelley,
Max attacks / Appelt, Kathi,
The Little Green Girl / Anchin, Lisa,
Crossing on time : steam engines, fast ships, and a journey to the New World / Macaulay, David,
The astronaut who painted the moon : the true story of Alan Bean / Robbins, Dean,
Laura Dean keeps breaking up with me / Tamaki, Mariko,
Metropolis / Kerr, Philip,
All the wrong places : a novel / Fielding, Joy,
The A list : an Ali Reynold’s Mystery / Jance, Judith A,
Educated : a memoir / Westover, Tara,
Lifeboat 12 : based on a true story / Hood, Susan,
The poet X / Acevedo, Elizabeth,
I am human : a book of empathy / Verde, Susan,
Otis and the scarecrow / Long, Loren,
The travelers : a novel / Porter, Regina,
Ayesha at last / Jalaluddin, Uzma,
The islanders : a novel / Moore, Meg Mitchell,
The flatshare / O’Leary, Beth,
Madame Fourcade’s secret war : the daring young woman who led France’s largest spy network against Hitler / Olson, Lynne,
Silent night : a novel / Steel, Danielle,
The oracle / Cussler, Clive,
Tom Clancy, enemy contact / Maden, Mike,
Unsolved / Patterson, James,
The shadow war : inside Russia’s and China’s secret operations to defeat America / Sciutto, Jim,
Shy / Freedman, Deborah
This house, once / Freedman, Deborah
From scratch : a memoir of love, Sicily, and finding home / Locke, Tembi,
Everything in its place : first loves and last tales / Sacks, Oliver,
Holy ghost / Sandford, John,
Little faith : a novel / Butler, Nickolas,
Pie is for sharing / Ledyard, Stephanie Parsley,
Heart of barkness : a Chet & Bernie mystery / Quinn, Spencer,
1947 : where now begins / êAsbrink, Elisabeth,
The big book of beasts / Zommer, Yuval,
The big book of bugs / Zommer, Yuval,
Lady in the lake : a novel / Lippman, Laura,
The Irishman’s daughter / Alexander, V. S.,
The librarian of Auschwitz / Iturbe, Antonio,


New to us, July 18, 2019

Miss you : a novel / Eberlen, Kate,
A wedding on the banks : a novel / Pelletier, Cathie,
Scones and scoundrels / MacRae, Molly,
Plaid and plagiarism / MacRae, Molly,
Erin Brockovich
Breakfast at Tiffany’s /
The Lucy Show: 9 classic episodes volume 1 / Digiview Productions.
The soup bible : more than 100 recipes for delicious and satisfying soups
Finding forever / Roberts, Nora,
Alt ed / Atkins, Catherine.
Pride & prejudice /
Little Miss Sunshine

A few new ones this week 7/6/2019

Inside the O’Briens : a novel / Genova, Lisa,
Lost for Words / Butland, Stephanie,
Summer hours at the Robbers Library : a novel / Halpern, Sue ,
Almost midnight / Doiron, Paul.
How we became human : new and selected poems / Harjo, Joy.
The library of lost and found / Patrick, Phaedra,
Sauces : classical and contemporary sauce making / Peterson, James,
Rao’s cookbook over 100 years of Italian home cooking Pellegrino, Frank.

Two New Ones July 4, 2019

How we became human : new and selected poems / Harjo, Joy.
The library of lost and found / Patrick, Phaedra,